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  1. Allotment of room in the hostel to the student will be done by the Administrative Officers after confirmation of the admission.
  2. Students will be provided a cot, table and chair. After allotment of the room by the Hostel Authority each student will have to submit the report of the furniture and the equipments received by him/her. Similarly, the student will have to hand over the furniture and the equipments already received by him/her at the time of vacating the room.
  3. A student will use his own bedding, bed sheets etc, and electric bulbs of not more than 30W CFL power in the room.
  4. Student will have to keep his room neat and clean and should always be careful in its maintenance. They should not throw rubbish things inside or outside the rooms.
  5. If the occupant of the room is found not residing in the hostel room continuously for more than 7 days without any prior permission of the RectorlWarden, his/her room will be considered as vacant and the seat will be allotted to others. The fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  6. Students will have to apply to the Rector for leave of absence which may be permitted for not more than 7 days at one time.
  7. In case the student who remains absent for more than 3 days without the permission of the Rector, the principal of his college will be informed accordingly and suitable disciplinary action will be taken against him.
  8. The student will have to apply in a prescribed form to the Administrative Officers for going out doing night for genuine reasons. Such permission will be granted by the Administrative Officers only once in a week with the written recommendation of the warden.The Management and Hostel authority reserves the right to modify and above Rules/regulations from time. To time as per requirements. If deemed necessary, without prior notice.


  1. The deposit will be refunded without any interest only after the student has obtained the clearance certificates (no dues certificate from the College office, Library as well as from the Hostel).
  2. The refund of fees and deposit will be made by cheque. The hostel deposit will be refunded once in the year that is during the month of August.


All students will have to obtain identity card duly signed by the principal. Every student must carry his/her identity card on his person and produce the same on demand inside or outside the college campus.