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Education is not only preparation of life. Education is life itself. These words echoed the sentiment in my heart and thus began the growth of dream. Sarjug Dental College Hospital has been the most cherished part of this dream.
A goal that had seemed visionary has been achieved in a short span of time, but much remains to be done. All this will materialize only after hours of strenuous work with a mind set that focuses on nothing else but the achievement of our goals.
When the light of education shines in the minds of masses, the darkness of illiteracy will be dispelled 'automatically. The instrument of these teachers is the torch bearers ofthe national. I.have fullest confidence in all my staff and students, and I wish them all the very best in theirfuture.

Late Dr. Kamala Pd. Singh
M.B.B.S, DCP, M.D., Ph. D., F.I.C.S
Founder Director General

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