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The Importance of education at all the times is the same. It has been emphasised in the "Neeti Shatkam" by Bhartahari (first Century B.C.) in the following words:- "Education is the special manifestation of man. Education is the treasury which can be preserved without the fear of loss. Education secures material pleasure, happiness and fame. Education is the teacher of the teacher. Education is the God incarnate."
Victories are gained; peace is preserved; progress and scientific development is made; civilization is built up but History is made not in the battle field where ghastly murders are committed in the name of patriotism; not in the council chambers where insipid speeches are spun out in the name of debate; not even in the factories where novel instruments to stran§le life are manufactured but in educational institutes which are the seed beds of culture, where children in whose hands quivers the destinies of the future, are trained and from their ranks will come out, statesmen,
soldiers, patriots, scientist and philosophers who will determine the progress ofthe land.


"In pursuit ofa vision to provide high quality educational facilities in all disciplines of Medicine, Dentistry and Allied health Sciences by Developing Programmes that provide continuous quality improvement in provisions ofState ofthe art ofpatient care. "


This Region was named as Mithila by mythologically renowned king Janak, who was descendant king Mithi of  Ichhavaku Dynasty.
This region has been the place of learning since the ancient times and has produced several scholars, philosophers, scientists and thinkers of national and international repute. Unfortunately in the present time, it is loosing its pastglory for want of necessary infrastructure such as transport, power, education and Medical aid facility.


Darbhanga is a divisional headquarter on Indo Nepal and Bihar-Bengal border, having a glorious past in the field of education and learning and participation in the Indian freedom movement. Darbhanga City is the nucleus of Mithila, Which was founded by King Mithi of Ichchbaku Dyansty.
In passage, of times, the city was renamed as Dwar-Bung from Mithila and ultimately now called as Darbhanga. The modern growing city of Darbhanga, was the capital of erstwhile princely estate of Darbhanga Raj. The city Darbhanga is renowned for establishment of two universities, in its heart, There is a medical college, Engineering Diploma college, Management Institute, Law College and various other degree and diploma colleges in this city.
The city is situated at a distance of 140 Kms on national Laterel highway north east of Patna, 60 Kms from Muzaffarpur and 40 Kms from Samastipur. This city is also connected with broad guaze railway line buses and taxies from Patna Muzaffarpur and Samastipur. Rail, bus and Taxi communications are easily available from these cities.



"OM" is the most sacred word. "OM" must be chanted in a high and prolonged note with great devotion chanting "OM" destroys all negativity in the mind. Your voice become gentle, and your thoughts are purified a great inner strength is aroused along with your self-confidence. To ensure physical and emotional health one must chant "OM" with a tranquil mind for some time every day. Chanting "OM" is a purifying experience and a source of great happiness.
am Seva Trust is a Registered charitable trust devoted to promotion of education, research, information learning. It is established for the benefit of poor and weaker sections, for the improvement of environmental conditions, for the advancement of other objects of general public utility and to promote international welfare in which India is interested.


The W. H. O. Slogan "Health for all" demands the services of more doctors and Dental Surgeons to achieve the spirit ofthe slogan. Dental disease are highly prevalent in India. Nearly 60% of Indians suffer from tooth decay and over
95% suffer from periodontal diseases, Oral cancers constitute 40% of all known cancers. In our country of
over 125 crores of population hardly 1,50,000/qualified Dental Surgeons are available.

In Bihar, there is only one Govt. Dental College having 40 admissions capacity every year and a few private Dental Colleges. The people of this region suffering can not afford to go out side for their specialized treatment due to their proverty. The youth of this
region, even though being meritorious and keenly interested in Dental Science, can not afford to seek their admission out side the state due to their financial constraints. There has been a crying need for more Dental College in the State to Salvage this crying need of the society" OM SEVA TRUST" has come forward and has established Sarjug Dental College &Hospital and Mata. R. Devi Dental Hospital with the basic objective to provide specilised medical aid to the ailing people of the state in general and of Mithila region in particular who are suffering from Dental and Oral diseases and also to impart education in Dental Science to the deserving youth so that after being trained in this college, they may be able to discharge their national obligations as worthy sons of India. The college has been named after Late Babu Sarjug Singh, father of Dr. Kamala Prasad Singh, chairman of the trust and is situated at the same place where sarjug babu breathed his last in 1972.
The College is being maintained and managed by the Trust through a board of Directors with Dr. Kamala Prasad Singh at the head as its Director General. The college is approved by the Dental Council of India, permanently affiliated to L. M. Mithila University, Darbhanga and is recognized by the Minsitry of Health &Family Welfare, Govt of India, New DeihL


The Dental Hospital has been established and named after Late Mata Roopjhari Devi in recognition of her Co-operation and contribution to the establishment of Sarjug Dental College, Darbhanga which has been named after her husband. Mata R. Devi Dental Hospital has been established by the same OM SEVA TRUST and is
being managed by a committee constituted by the Board of Trustees. Although this Hospital has it's separate indentity but is attached with sarjug Dental College for Clinical teaching and training ofthe students.




A part from the above college and Hospital, Om Seva Trust also owns  and maintains 100beded well equipped general hospital named as Jogendra Memorial Medical Hospital. In which our students are given clinical training in general medicine and surgery.


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